The Nicest College Football Championship Rings

These are my personal favorites for the nicest looking and most incredible College Football Championship Rings.  This list is a work in progress.  I will be adding to this list over time. 
#1. 1999 FSU NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP  RING- This ring is the king of all college rings, will impress anyone from royalty to commoner.  The true definition of,  I'll go ahead and say it ,BLING BAM BLING.
#2.  2006 FLORIDA GATORS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP SCHOOL RING-awesome sparkle on the top with trophy. an all around beautiful ring.
#3.  1996 ARIZONA STATE PAC-10 CHAMPIONSHIP RING- such an awesome ring with "sparky" the sun devil on the top.
#4.  1991 FLORIDA GATORS SEC CHAMPIONSHIP RING- Awesome classic looking championship ring.
#5.  2004 USC NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP SCHOOL RING- Nice white gold ring with lots of pop and sparkle.
#6.  1991 MIAMI NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP RING-nice enameled top, nice detail, overall cool looking championship ring.
#7.  1992 FSU COTTON BOWL RING-Real classy ring with nice writing on the top.
#8.  1996 FLORIDA GATORS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP RING-nice blue number "1" on the top of ring. Very nice ring with clean lines.
#9.  2007 LSU NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP SCHOOL RING- Cool pro style looking championship ring. Very big top with nice design.
#10.  2005 TEXAS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP SCHOOL RING-lots of spark on the top of ring, nice number "1" on the top.